Love Crystals is a Danish rock band from Elsinore, now based in both Elsinore and Copenhagen. The band was formed by Kevin Hansen (voc. & guitar) and Mikkel Moseholm (drums) as they met each other in high school. Inspired by 60/70′s rock era they invited Oscar Grinsted (bass) to join the band and work as a classic “power trio” looking to create a sound trough improvisation and “freedom” within the music.

Soon after they invited Jacob Midtgaard (lead guitar) to join the band and their musical influences changed to something more (distorted), like Nirvana, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Sonic Youth. This setup resulted in a 12 track long demo, recorded in a summer cottage in the middle of nowhere working together with Jesper Schultze Hansen. The demo was chosen to be “demo of the month” in the (reputable) danish music magazine “GAFFA”. Following a partnership with Eastwing & CO emerged, looking to set the frames of Love Crystals’ debut album.

At this point Oscar Grinsted chose to leave the band. After a couple of months playing as a trio (two guitarists and a drummer) they met their current bassist Mikkel Deleuran. Once again the sound of the band changed, moving on to find inspiration from artists as Joy DIvision, Pixies, David Bowie and Johnny Cash, just to name a few.

The first recordings of their debut album was made in “Winding Road Studios” together with legendary producer Flemming Rasmussen and engineer Nikolaj Nielsen in november 2012. They recorded the tracks “Only A Fool”, “How I Feel”, “Just Another Day” and the (title number) “Change Of Melody” in a week. They immediately went back to their rehearsal to finish the rest of the album material.

In February 2013 they went to the legendary danish studio “Stuk Ranch” in northern Jutland, to record the rest of the album together with Jens Varmløse and Laura Mo. They recorded 8 tracks in a week and ended their stay with a concert in the studio followed by an all night jam and party with the locals. Vocals were recorded in Sweet Silence Mobile Studios once again with Flemming Rasmussen.

The album entitled “Change Of Melody” was also mixed and mastered by Flemming Rasmussen together with Kevin Hansen.