Music Video

This is our new music video performing “Mama Tell A Story”.  We hope you’ll like it!
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Smuk Fest 2014?


If you want to experience Love Crystals at Smuk Fest 2014! You have the opportunity to vote for us as upcoming buy CBD products share and like folks! Hope to see you guys in 2014!!

You can vote here!

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Live Sessions

Live session by Love Crystals performing “Mama Tell A Story” from the album “Change Of Melody”. Feel free to share the link with your friends! Thanks!

Filmed and edited by Emil Schou

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Kødbyen Festival

Kødbyen FestivalLove Crystals recently had a gig at Kødbyen Festival in Copenhagen.

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Love Crystals In TV2 SommerLorry

Tv2 Sommerlorry

In the past year we have had a enormous amount of help from dedicated fans regarding the exposure of our name. Due to this we were invited to play in the danish tv show “TV2 Lorry”.  The program included an interview, pictures and us playing the number “Only A Fool” acoustic.

N.B. The interview below is in danish.


Who is Love Crystals? The Interview intro

The Interview with Love Crystals.

Love Crystals performing Only A Fool acoustic in hall 14 at værftet, Elsinore.



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Love Crystals Release


We sincerely want to thank all of you who showed up at our release party at AnneXet in Elsinore. We had a blast and hope that you did to.

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Debut Album: Change Of Melody



We are excited to finally announce that our debut album “Change Of Melody” is confirmed for release June 27th 2013. It will be available on iTunes and Spotify. The release concert is going to be held at AnneXet in Elsinore – here’s your chance to hear the album live, and be one of the first to get a physical copy as well.

We hope to see you there!

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Spot Festival Photos


We decided to go to Århus during Spot Festival to do some “pop-up” concerts around the festival area, even though we weren’t a part of the official line-up at Sport Festival. Furthermore we played a concert at the venue “Fair Bar” Sat. 4 May.

You can see some photos in our gallery.

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Gaffa Demo Review

Love Crystals Demo

We are excited to announce that our 12 track long demo “Love Crystals” was chosen to be “demo of the month” in the danish music magazine GAFFA.

We recorded this demo together with Jesper Schultze Hansen in a SMALL summer cottage far away from civilization. Packed in the living room with the intensions of creating a live session, mixed up with a bunch of cheap carton wine and cigarettes, and a time limit set to 9 days, we captured a intense moment throughout this demo-record.

Thank you GAFFA!

You can read the review here N.B the review is written in danish.


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